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"I've always been wary about shopping, grocery shopping that is. Just the thought of being around sometimes hundreds of people pushing around trolleys that seem to veer left without any assistance from the person steering, makes me cringe.

The amount of anxiety that rises in me every moment i need to put the change back in my purse while the teller is looking at me as if to say "sheshisa!, you're holding up the line!" is only topped by days when I'm not sure if my bank card has enough on it for some month end essentials.

Oh no. I hadn't quite tried an online grocery shopping experience when i first came across Smartsentials. They changed my entire view of how a shopping experience should look and feel. Smartsentials online grocery store you say?

When you think about it, fewer things make more sense than an online store for grocery essentials. One no longer as to plan entire days to go do ones shopping, small office orders can be handled with a few clicks, less time spent in shops so less unnecessary spending on chips and sweets...for people like me (anxious and impulsive) this is obviously a life changing innovation that is and will be utilised to its full extent!"

By: Sphumelele Garry Chagwe

"Smartsentials is exactly that, smart. They conduct smart business. These guys went out of their way to accommodate me as a customer, they were timeous and overall very professional while friendly. Thank you guys so much for your excellent service. May God bless your work and help you grow bigger and better. I highly recommend Smartsentials to anyone looking for great service." 

By: Gillian Mahumane



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